Alcyone Astronomical Tables

Alcyone Astronomical Tables 3.1

Alcyone Astronomical Tables provides various astronomical information

Alcyone Astronomical Tables is an application that is intended for real fans of astronomy. It is designed for those who have some knowledge on this subject, preferably for experienced researchers.
If you're not a connoisseur of astronomy, you may find the program rather dull and unattractive, because it consists of precise calculations which can be made in the area of astronomical phenomena. This utility provides detailed information on various aspects related to the Moon, the Sun, and other Planets of the Solar System.

You can generate reports containing values you want to be displayed. The application gives you a possibility to change different parameters, such as time range, location of the observer, time scale (dynamical or universal time), and other. In addition, the content of the table can be used for generating charts. In case you decide to select another period of time of the table computation, the diagram is instantly modified, displaying the new calculation results. The program allows you to export the table data to Excel, ASCII, HTML, or CSV formats, while the diagrams can be saved as graphics files, by selecting PNG, JPEG, or BMP formats.

All in one, you will find in Alcyone Astronomical Tables not a pleasant reading for leisure, but a base for scientific documentation.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • The program can be used as a base for scientific documentation
  • The content of the tables can be used for generating diagrams


  • The interface is not intuitive
  • You need to have advanced knowledge of astronomy
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